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Join the 130th voyage of Semester at Sea as students from around the world, representing 27 countries and 230 undergraduate institutions, set sail to explore 11 countries across 3 continents on our floating college, the MV World Odyssey. Semester at Sea is a study abroad experience like no other, where the world is your campus!

Amazon Prime’s The College Tour goes international with Semester at Sea episode

The Amazon Prime series tells the story of colleges and universities through the eyes of 10 hosts who share their unique perspectives on everything from campus life to academics, housing, athletics, and more.

With nearly 100 episodes under its belt, The College Tour is releasing its first international episode this month by highlighting the experiences of voyagers on the Fall 2022 Voyage of Semester at Sea.

The production crew, along with co-creators Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy, and Burton Roberts, joined the Fall 2022 Voyage in Aqaba, Jordan to capture life on board the MV World Odyssey during a 10-day stretch to Mombasa, Kenya. While on the ship, The College Tour produced a 30-minute episode about 10 voyager stories highlighting the Semester at Sea experience for traditional, gap-year, recent-college-graduate and international students, Lifelong Learners, and faculty.

Semester at Sea Fall 2022 Voyage

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Fall 2024

Fall 2024

September 09 — December 22

Ghana Hong Kong India Mauritius Morocco Mozambique Netherlands Portugal South Africa Thailand Vietnam

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Spring 2025

January 05 — April 20

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Voyager Stories

If you don’t have time to watch the full episode or if you want to learn more about a specific SAS experience, check out our individual segments below!

Semester at Sea: Going Global
Talon Smith

Creative Advertising, Computer Science


New York, NY


University of Miami

Starting at Sea: A gap year experience
Ruby Vanhouten



Moraga, CA


New York University

A voyage community like no other
Athena Bo



Hong Kong


Union College

Living (and learning) on land
Taylor Shedrick

Journalism and Mass Communications


Whittier, CA


North Carolina A&T State

The MV World Odyssey: A floating college
Megan Foley

Marketing, Minor in Spanish


Princeton, NJ


San Diego State University

Making an impact in my country and world
Thompson Marinho

Biochemistry and Chemistry


Natal, Brazil


University of Rochester

The Semester at Sea “secret sauce”
Travis Maynard, PH.D.

Academic Dean (Fall 2022 Voyage)

Associate Dean in Business (CSU)


Fort Collins, CO


Colorado State University

Preparing me for my global future
Will Kullot



Syracuse, KS


Kansas State University

Finding “my people” and place
Vera Nicholas

Lifelong Learner


Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


University of Regina

Georgetown University

The (shared) experience of a lifetime
Grace Mack

Journalism and Mass Communication, Minor in Sustainability


Jupiter, FL


Arizona State University

Hear From Past Voyagers

Thanks to the entire community on the ship, during my voyage I was the most comfortable with myself than I’ve ever been. Some days on the ship become very normal routine days but try not to take them for granted. There is seriously no other place in the world right now that I’d rather be than sitting on Deck 9 drinking a smoothie made by Dexter.

Headshot of Melissa Moore

Semester at Sea was truly the two most influential semesters of my undergraduate degree. Having sailed the first time as a gap year student, I had no idea what to expect. The hands-on and tangible learning experiences are something that I later found were unmatched on a typical college campus and were one of the things that brought be back for round two. While the itinerary was initially the most attractive part of the program, I can say with certainty the shipboard community is the glue of the program. The connection, friends, and (ship) families that I made during my voyages are something that still sticks with me to this day!

Headshot of Vitoria Dante

I learned so much about the world, but also myself as I immersed myself into countless cultures. As I navigated each country, I realized things about myself like how I prefer to have at least one meaningful conversation each day or that I enjoy learning as much of a language as I can wherever I am. I think those small steps create real connections with locals and friends around me. Semester at Sea will always have a large piece of my heart and I carry the values I gained on my voyage with me every day.

Headshot of Meghan Decker

Semester at Sea will give you the best friends of your life. From spending nights playing cards on Deck 9 to watching movies with freinds in your cabin, life at sea will give you amazing memories. It gave me the best friends I have ever had and am so grateful to SAS for giving me this amazing community of people.

Headshot of Lydia Miller

Because of the unique situation we are in while traveling at sea, I was able to connect with my peers on a much deeper level than I ever would have been able to back at my home institution or anywhere else. Being on the ship together in the middle of the ocean, we were able to have deep, meaningful conversations that weren’t able to be interrupted by cell phones or Internet! I became closer to my classmates and friends on the ship than I was to my other friends back at school.

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